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EMI/EMC/RFI Filters in United Kingdom

Feedthrough Capacitor assemblies

Range feedthrough filter

Elite EMC provide a varied range of custom specific feedthrough filter assemblies for high and/or low voltage applications. Feedthrough filters offer excellent noise suppression to unwanted and harmful frequencies. Our range of options includes filters for AC and/or DC applications and are suitable for either signal or power lines.

EMI and RFI Specialists based in the UK
Feed-through Capacitor Assemblies

Feedthrough benefits.

Our custom feedthrough assemblies can be designed to allow quick and easy integration into the customer’s application. Installing an Elite EMC Filter assembly correctly provides your application with a faraday cage to protect your system from radiated noise and filtered signal and powerlines. This method has been proven to offer increased performance above 50 MHz compared with PCB mounted filters and can be a post-production fix when re-spinning the PCB is not an option. Feedthroughs also free up PCB real estate and eliminate the manual labour requirements and the need for a bulkhead when using individual filters.

Rugged solutions

Rugged solutions Our feedthrough filters can be designed to fit any enclosure and to meet the harshest of environmental requirements. Fully potted solutions can be provided to protect the filtering from shock and vibration as well as natural threats.


Feed-through Capacitor Assemblies

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