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EMI/EMC/RFI Filters in United Kingdom

  • EMI and RFI Specialists based in the UK

    Elite EMC LTD

    Aerospace Components
    Filtered Power Supplies
  • EMI and RFI Specialists based in the UK

    Elite EMC LTD

    Sever Protection
    Microwave Filters
  • EMI and RFI Specialists based in the UK

    Elite EMC LTD

    Navel system components
    Power Filters
  • EMI and RFI Specialists based in the UK

    Elite EMC LTD

    Vehicle Components
    Connectors and Harnessing’s

Elite EMC is a leading manufacture of standard and custom EMI/EMC/RFI Filters in United Kingdom.

In today’s modern world of development of the electronic industry and electronics, it is almost impossible to ignore electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), EMC has never been so important. Here at Elite EMC experience and knowledge are at the forefront of the service that we provide.
Elite EMC Ltd is a leading UK based manufacturer and supplier of EMI/RFI filters, Filtered Power supplies, filtered connectors and EMI suppression components and systems. Supplying some of the major OEM, defence & aerospace contractors with both standard and custom filters and components tailored to their specific requirement. Staff with over 25 years’ experience in providing EMC solutions enables us to supply product and solutions to your exacting requirements.

Products of Elite EMC

Powerline FIlter pic

Powerline and Screened Room Filters

Standard and custom specific Power filters, up to 250A. Custom options include low earth leakage, In-built Transient and EMP suppression, optional I/O or connectors and harnessing.


RF /Microwave Filters

(RF /Microwave Filters designed and tuned to match the frequency required. Band Pass and Band Stop solutions all with custom options available)

front page API pic and description

API Technologies Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions E.I.S.

An extensive range of EMI components and connectors including ceramic capacitors, filtered connectors, and magnetics for use in a variety of defence, aerospace, industrial, energy, commercial, and medical applications .

Feedthrough cap assemblies pic copy

Feed-through Capacitor Assemblies

Custom Specific assemblies offering EMI protection to existing systems.
Rapid prototyping available.

Connectors and Harnessing Solutions pic copy

Connectors and Harnessing Solutuon

EMI filtered connectors utilise built in ceramic capacitors to offer superior filtering performance and save PBC real estate. MIL-DTL-38999, 5015, 26482, ARINC, D-Sub etc.Cables and Harnessing are also available.


Titan Power Supplies

Standard and customisable Filtered Power Supplies (AC - DC and DC - DC). Offering "clean power" designed to meet MIL-STD-461, DEF-STAN 59-411, DEF STAN 61-5 part 6 Issue 6. Custom Tailored solutions available.


COTS / Industrial Filters

Extensive range of off the shelf filters including Power entry, single & 3 phase, Feedthroughs, AC and DC filters. Shielding, Magnetics and ferrites also available.


Military Vehicle filters and PSU’s

Specialist Filters and PSU’s designed specifically for Military and Government Vehicles.


EMC Consultancy, Testing and project support

Elite EMC offers support in all aspects of EMC related projects from concept to obsolescence.

Contact our team
fill out the product contact form with the requirements you need.
Meet with your project manager
Your project manager will guide you through the process and take more information about the project needs.
Building a prototype
Veiw the prototype and confirm the layout and design.
Testing the prototype
Test the prototype and make sure it meets the EMI / RFI EMC guidelines
Working end product
Manufacture and deploy your project on completion.

EMI / EMC Filters

With the modern level of development of the electronic industry and electronics, it is almost impossible to ignore electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Electronic devices must simultaneously operate with the required quality with constant exposure to unintended electromagnetic interference. In reality, a large number of different interferences in the power supply networks.

The basic concepts of electromagnetic compatibility consider the effects of both radiated and interference (conductive) interference propagating through conductors, as well as the sensitivity of electrical equipment to interference.

Electromagnetic interference occurs due to natural phenomena or as a result of technical processes. The source of interference is electrical equipment or a natural phenomenon that generates electromagnetic interference in a network. Examples of natural interference are atmospheric discharges; in industrial equipment, the main source is switching processes in electrical circuits associated with the rapid change of currents and voltages. We can divide the sources of interference into two main groups. The first is the sources of interference in the discrete frequency spectrum, which interfere in a narrow frequency range, for example, medical ultrasound technology. The second group is the sources of interference of the continuous spectrum of frequencies, the disturbances of which are spread over fairly wide ranges. To such sources can be attributed the objects of power electronics, switching equipment, household appliances.