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EMI/EMC/RFI Filters in United Kingdom

Customs Filter Solutions

Custom as standard:

In todays world of complex interacting systems and technologies, finding an “off the shelf” filter is not always possible. Custom solutions are thought off as costly not readily available. At Elite EMC we offer completely customer specific solutions as standard. Over many years we have designed and built filters for almost every market and application. We can then either tailor an existing filter to meet your requirements or start from scratch. Prototypes for EMC evaluation can be provided within a number of days and come with extremely competitive pricing

Custom Filter Solutions

Testing and Pre-Compliance:

If you have failed EMC testing it can be a daunting experience especially if delays in the project could be the difference between a successful product launch or a missed deadline. At Elite EMC we can help ease the pain. In-house testing equipment allows us to design a custom filter based on your failure report to target the problem frequencies allowing us to offer   a quick solution to meet your requirements and    provide a rapid prototype for proof of concept.

Tailored Filter Circuits:

As a manufacturer of EMI filters we are experienced in filter designs whether you require a PCB housed solution or through hole assembly. We can design a solution based on an EMC test report, pre-compliance tests or we can upgrade a system from commercial standards to meet harsher specifications such as Military Specs. Working with the customer we will produce a solution tailored to the applications requirements to meet the applicable EMC standards.

Custom Filter Solutions
Custom Filter Solutions

Custom housing and enclosures:

All of our solutions have the option to be housed in custom specific housings. Filters designed to be fitted post production to Military vehicles for example usually have limited and non-standard available space. Our custom machined enclosures allow us to use every available amount of space available offering improved filter performance and thermal management.  We can also produce housings to replicate an existing unit in case of obsolescence. As well as the space envelope we can also offer a range of materials, finished and even colours if required.

Input / Output and cabling

As the majority of our products are connected to our customers products post production we offer a range of I/O terminations. For proof of concept samples we usually build our units with flying leads or studs to allow quick testing. Once the filter has been approved we can then fit connectors or whatever is required to plug directly into the customers unit. As well as having the I/O altered we can also offer harnessing to accompany the filter if required.

Custom Filter Solutions

Thermal Management

By nature of their design EMI Filters and PSU’s usually produce a relatively large amount of heat. During the design process our engineering teams will work closely with the customer to identify potential heat issues and bring this into the design phase early on to prevent issues later. We can implement thermal protection such as thermal cut-out switches to protect the products during unexpected heat rises. If the customer’s end product does not have cooling in place we can customize the housing to include heat sinks or fins

Transient protection

Some approval specifications require the system to be able to withstand voltage surges. Elite EMC can add transient protection into our EMI Filters to meet the customers’ or approval specifications requirements.

Custom options:

  • Tailored Filter Circuits
  • Enclosure (Size, Material, Colour, Finish etc)
  • Fuses / Circuit breakers
  • Terminations or Cables and Harnesses
  • Transient Protection
  • Thermal management

Markets / approvals catered for:

  • Military (59-411 Land Class A, B)
  • Naval (Above and Below Deck)
  • High Current / Power 
  • Aero (DO-160)

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