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EMI/EMC/RFI Filters in United Kingdom

Connectors and Harnessing Solutions

A whole system can fail EMC testing due to the connectors or harnessing providing cross talk paths for noise. At Elite EMC we can offer a complete service from concept design through to manufacture and supply of either stand alone harness kits or as accessories to our filter solutions. Designs to meet the harshest environments and applications can be provided from an early design stage or build to print terms upto 60Ghz.
Connectors and Harnessing Solutions
Connectors and Harnessing Solutions
Elite EMC’s range of RF Filters can be provided with or without cable and harnessing which also allows us to offer stand alone harness solutions quickly and competitively. Whether you need high performance, low loss assemblies or a waterproof (IP68) cable and connector solution we can assist from design through to production with drawings available within 48 hours and prototypes within a few days or weeks depending on piece part availability.

♦ High performance
♦ Low Loss
♦ Semi-Rigid
♦ 50 and 75 ohm
♦ IP68 rated

♦ N Type
♦ Waterproof
♦ Solderless