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EMI/EMC/RFI Filters in United Kingdom

Microwave Filter Solutions

Elite EMC Ltd offer a growing range of specialist, non-standard items to the Defence, Aerospace, Marine,
Satellite Communications, Commercial and High Power segments of the Markets.
Our expertise covers ‘Build to Print’ from customer’s drawings through Design, Manufacture & Test up to 50
GHz. Our Designs are appropriate to the client’s individual specification.
Production is in a tightly controlled environment, utilising the latest CNC Milling and Turning machines,
Bending, Brazing and Assembly.
Most of our existing range started off as a concept to solve an issue which evolved into a now existing and
available filter. Re-tuning of these existing parts allow us to offer semi-custom options for rapid prototyping.

Microwave Filter
Microwave Filter

For our RF Filters and components we also offer simulation plots to assist design. Upon completion of our
testing / manufacturing we provide a detailed report of any issues and how to solve them as well as offering
solutions from our custom filter range if required. Adequate pre-compliance testing and evaluation greatly
improves the chances of gaining EMC certification first time.